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Is Histamine Intolerance Genetic?

histamine intolerance genetics

The genes that may be responsible for your histamine intolerance symptoms Is histamine intolerance in your genes?Your genes dictate who you are, and this is true for what happens both from a physical and a biological perspective! Think about your eye and hair color. You weren’t randomly assigned to be born with green eyes and blonde […]

How GMO’s and Glyphosate Impact Histamine Intolerance

glyphosate histamine intolerance

How agricultural changes may contribute to histamine intolerance Here’s how changes in agricultural practices may have contributed to a rising incidence of histamine intoleranceThere’s no question that food can affect your tolerance to histamine. There is, however, a question about what exactly is in the food you eat that leads to a poorer tolerance of its […]

Histamine Intolerance, Estrogen and Hormonal Imbalances

histamine intolerance estrogen

The interesting link between estrogen and histamine intolerance Women more prone to HIT? This could be why…Your hormones are there to tightly regulate many critical processes that take place in your body. When they’re doing their job, you have loads of energy, you’re fit and strong, you’re on the ball and you simply feel amazing […]

Histamine Intolerance and the COVID-19 Pandemic

histamine intolerance and COVID-19

Coronavirus info for those with histamine intolerant Histamine intolerance and COVID-19We’re living in a time of real uncertainty with the worldwide spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and anxiety levels are either high, or people are living in absolute denial about its impact.The most important thing is to remain calm and clear-headed in situations such as these, […]

Low Histamine Coconut and Kale Fried Rice Recipe

low histamine fried rice recipe

An Asian fusion recipe with a low histamine twist ​Fried rice can be a wholesome, hearty meal that fills you up and keeps you feeling satisfied when you’re craving some carbs. But, with all of that soy sauce, lemon juice and who knows what else, it’s a high histamine nightmare.  Well, don’t you worry – there […]

Low Histamine Beet and Berry Smoothie Recipe

low histamine smoothie recipe

A burst of colour and nutrition added to your morning ​What part of the body do you eat with? If you said your mouth, you’re not wrong… technically. The truth is, we mostly ‘eat’ with our eyes first! Think about it, you know I’m right. When we look at beautiful food, our mind automatically says it’s […]

How Histamine Intolerance Affects Your Brain

histamine intolerance brain

Histamine’s powerful effects on mood, sleep and stress How histamine intolerance affects your brainBy now you’re likely aware of the effects of histamine on your overall health, and how an excess of histamine is the reason behind your chronically dripping nose, digestive issues like bloating and cramps, and other irritating allergic reactions like a rash, itchy […]

Low Histamine Granola AND Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

low histamine granola recipe

A soothing smoothie bowl topped with low histamine granola! ​Oh boy have I got a treat for you… a low histamine smoothie bowl recipe that’s even complete with granola! Did you ever think you’d be able to eat granola again? What, with the dried fruit, various nuts and gluten-containing sweetness that is granola nowadays? Probably not! Well, things have […]

Low histamine faux banana bread recipe

low histamine banana bread recipe

Your favourite taste of homemade banana bread with a low histamine twist on ingredients ​​It’s a distinct smell. Not too sweet, but just enough. It brings back childhood memories of warm, soft, butter-laden treats… oh, to be able to eat a glorious slice of freshly baked banana bread once again.  Isn’t it simply a delicious way […]

Nutrient Deficiencies with Histamine Intolerance

nutrient deficiency histamine intolerance

Is your low histamine diet working against you? When it comes to managing your histamine intolerance, surely nothing can be worse for you than eating foods packed with histamine, histamine liberators or DAO blockers?  Believe it or not, the only thing that might be worse than this is… not eating these foods! Wait, what…? Hear me out; I […]

Why Food Triggers a Histamine Response

food histamine intolerance reaction

What is it about the foods we eat that causes a histamine response? You’ve seen a list. Maybe you’ve seen many different lists… Lists that tell you which foods you should be avoiding because of the histamine flare ups you’re getting, in the hope of preventing symptoms like itchy eyes, skin rashes, and a whole host […]

How Hormones Impact Histamine Intolerance

histamine intolerance hormones

The fascinating link between histamine and hormones Why you’re histamine intolerant if you’re a woman As a woman, we have estrogen to thank for our feminine characteristics. It’s the hormone that gives us our figure, our softer voice and allows us to have a family. Estrogen is an important part of a woman’s health and function, […]

Low Histamine Cauliflower Rice Pudding Recipe

Low Histamine Cauliflower Rice Pudding Recipe

Probably the most nutritious dessert you’ve ever had ​Who doesn’t love a good low histamine dessert – especially when that means PUDDING! But along with the word dessert, usually comes a lot of questions regarding health and nutrition: should I be eating this? Am I even hungry? is it going to make me feel poorly? And, when […]

Histamine Intolerance Genetics and Gene Mutations

histamine intolerance genes

Discover the link between genetics and histamine intolerance – and, what you can do about it Did your histamine intolerance start in your genes? Constant headaches that often turn into migraines. Anxiety, irritability and mood disturbances. Nausea, digestive symptoms and reactions to even healthy foods. Constant runny nose, sneezing, itching eyes or skin… These are typically the […]

Low Histamine Ground Beef Tacos Recipe

low histamine beef tacos recipe

Turn your dinner table into a low histamine Mexican fiesta… in under 20 minutes! ​Tacos contain a million and one high histamine ingredients…and, I bet you never thought you could have them again. Well, think again – because you can enjoy traditional foods when you’re histamine intolerant! Now, I understand that eating low histamine isn’t always easy… […]

Gut Health and Histamine Intolerance

gut health histamine intolerance

The underlying connection between digestive health and your histamine symptoms So, you know – or have a high level of suspicion that you’re histamine intolerant – but what you may not know is that it could be coming from poor gut health. Your body just doesn’t seem to be coping with the amount of this compound, […]

Low-Histamine Chicken Salad Buddha Bowl Recipe

Low Histamine Chicken Salad Recipe

Enjoy those great-looking Buddha bowls without the high histamine ingredients Buddha bowls are in – so, if you’re looking for a low histamine twist on this trending recipe, read it and eat it! Buddha bowls are fresh, available at most healthy food outlets and, let’s face it, they just taste so  great. But when you’re dealing with […]

The Ultimate Guide to Histamine Intolerance

histamine intolerance guide

Could it be a histamine intolerance?!If you’ve been itching and scratching in response to food, developing hives and anxiety and even digestive issues to boot – you may have histamine intolerance. What’s histamine intolerance? Well, it’s a very underrecognized – but very real – disorder that may be behind all of your strange, allergy-like symptoms. Today, I’ll […]

Probiotics for Histamine Intolerance: What You Need to Know

probiotics for histamine intolerance

If you’ve been trying to find the best probiotics for histamine intolerance – your search is over. Probiotics are one of the most essential supplements for healing histamine intolerance. But many people don’t know that most probiotics actually produce histamine. Wait, what? That’s right. Even those healthy strains of bacteria you’ve been taking daily may be making […]

Histamine Intolerance Frequently Asked Questions

histamine intolerance food list

Histamine and low histamine dietQ: Why is histamine intolerance difficult to diagnose? A: Histamine is present in every body system and is part of our naturally functioning immune system. This means that when there is an intolerance, it can impact any and all systems in the body, which is what makes it so difficult to recognise […]

Low Histamine “Pumpkin” Mousse Recipe

Low Histamine Pumpkin Recipe

A low histamine twist on a typical holiday pumpkin recipe ​            Pumpkin is such a staple for the holidays – but, pumpkin can, unfortunately, aggravate histamine symptoms. So, to cater to the histamine intolerant, I’ve got a low histamine “pumpkin” mousse recipe that’s made with a friendly alternative: butternut squash!  If […]

Low Histamine Holiday Turkey Recipe

low histamine turkey recipe

A histamine intolerance recipe to suit every dinner party It’s turkey time! Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving or just your weekly Sunday roast, I’ve got a super simple low histamine turkey recipe that will tickle your whole family’s taste buds. Histamine intolerance can make dinner planning suck, a lot. So, it’s a major win when you can find […]

Low Histamine Turkey Stuffing Recipe (From Scratch!)

low histamine stuffing recipe

A histamine intolerance recipe to stuff your face with ​Are you ready to STUFF. YOUR. FACE… with my low histamine stuffing recipe, of course.  Today, I’ve got a gluten-free, low histamine stuffing recipe that’s made entirely from scratch, down to the delicious, gluten-free bread! And, it pairs perfectly with my low histamine turkey recipe. So, as always, let’s have a […]

Herby Low Histamine Salad Dressing Recipe

low histamine salad dressing recipe

A nourishing low histamine recipe to complement any salad Looking for a delicious low histamine salad dressing recipe?  Let’s face it, most salad dressing recipes, even if they’re homemade, contain ingredients that are pretty unfriendly to those with histamine intolerance. (Enter: vinegar). And, if you’re living an already busy life, like most of us are, the stabilizers, […]

Warm Roasted Low Histamine Salad Recipe

low histamine salad recipe

A warm twist on the typical raw low histamine salad It’s salad time! Nothing beats a salad when it comes to a super easy way to pack in your veggies and nutrients. But, let’s face it… salad can be pretty bo-ring! Today, I’ve got a roasted twist on your typical low histamine salad recipe.Getting creative with […]

Low Histamine Sweet Potato Mash Recipe

sweet potato histamine intolerance

The best sweet potato recipe for histamine intolerance Sweet potato and histamine intolerance make as great of a duo as Bonnie and Clyde. If you’re looking for a low histamine recipe that’s also going to kick-start your pancreas, improve digestive processes and keep you free of allergy-like symptoms, this low histamine sweet potato recipe has […]

The Antihistamine Diet: An Antihistamine Foods List to Reduce Inflammatory Symptoms

antihistamine diet

What if antihistamine foods could change your body and improve your symptoms for good? What if an antihistamine diet could improve your digestion, your skin, change your sleeping patterns, eliminate pain, possibly even aid in weight-loss (and actually keep it off!) and, improve overall health? If your current all-natural diet doesn’t seem to be controlling your symptoms, let’s […]

H. pylori and Histamine Intolerance: Top 7 Natural Interventions

H. pylori and histamine intolerance

Have you ever heard about the connection between H. pylori and histamine intolerance? Bacterial issues and histamine intolerance tend to go hand-in-hand. Most histamine intolerant individuals are working to rebalance their gut bacteria using histamine safe probiotics. But, did you know that there’s a particular bacterium called H. pylori, which is carried by nearly half of the […]

Is Exercise Causing Your Histamine Intolerance Symptoms

exercise and histamine intolerance

​Have you ever wondered if there’s a link between exercise and histamine intolerance? ​Can exercise reduce histamine levels? Or, are your symptoms getting worse through exercise induced histamine release?  What’s the case and where do you draw the line between pushing through body-healing exercise or calling it quits to prevent irritating your histamine intolerance? As early as 1935, researchers showed […]

Histamine Intolerance in Children and Babies

histamine intolerance children babies

Are you troubled by a child who seems to get stomach aches after eating different types of food? Do you despair at what to feed your toddler whose skin rashes won’t seem to resolve, despite trying everything from steroid creams to removal of common allergens? Although you may have an idea that there’s a dietary connection to […]

Crispy Roasted Low Histamine Chickpeas Recipe

chickpeas histamine

Crunch and munch your histamine symptoms away Looking for a crunchy snack that’s histamine safe? Here’s an unbeatable chickpeas recipe for the win! Instead of heading to a questionable restaurant and having symptoms by the time you say “check, please!”, play it safe and make your own low histamine chickpeas! These low histamine chickpeas will satisfy your […]

Savoury Low Histamine Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

sweet potato histamine intolerance

Sweet potato for the histamine intolerance win  If you’re wondering about the link between histamine intolerance and sweet potato, let me break it down for y’all, and give you a recipe that will knock your sweet potato socks off! Because, what’s better than a delicious basket of french fries to satisfy a craving? SWEET POTATO FRIES. If you’re […]

Honey Garlic Low Histamine Roast Chicken Recipe

low histamine chicken recipe

“All I want is a delicious low histamine chicken recipe” – Is this you? There are few things in life as good as chicken. But, when you’re histamine intolerant, it might be hard to find the right combination of flare, flavour and low histamine ingredients. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Today I’ll teach you how to make a […]

Creamy Coconut Chicken Low Histamine Soup Recipe

low histamine soup

A low histamine soup for warm, symptom-free bodies! Looking for a delicious low histamine soup?Whether it’s soup soup season or summer time, everybody craves a delicious creamy soup now and again. But, for those with histamine intolerance, finding a low histamine soup that won’t cause your symptoms to rage can be a challenge.Low Histamine Soup: Finding the Right […]

Maple Oat Low Histamine Cookies

low histamine cookies

The best low histamine cookies you’ve ever tasted Hankering for some low histamine cookies? Boy oh boy have I got a surprise for you. And, being the Canadian that I am, this recipe obviously includes my all-time favourite food: maple syrup. OAT-MY-GOSH are you gonna love it! High Nutrient, Low Histamine Cookies When I’m aiming to bake a carb-heavy […]

Cauliflower Low Histamine Hummus Recipe

low histamine hummus recipe

Home of Histamine Intolerance… and Hummus Searching for a low histamine hummus recipe? Well, I’ve got a recipe for what I call a LOW HISTAMINE YUMMUS! I’m a big hummus fan – who isn’t? But is hummus low histamine?Low Histamine Hummus If you’re wondering if hummus is low histamine, the answer is… kind of… Although most of the ingredients […]

Is There a Test for Histamine Intolerance?


Is there a test for histamine intolerance? If you believe you’re histamine intolerant and are looking for a histamine intolerance test, we need to talk.  Histamine intolerance can be frustrating, as there is a lack of understanding and recognition among healthcare practitioners when it comes to this disorder.  Additionally, the nature of the disorder involves a wide rang […]

Top 9 Tips for Dealing with a Histamine Reaction

histamine reaction

What to do when histamine symptoms are taking over Is your histamine reaction sometimes too much to handle? Do some meals leave you with a stuffy nose, irritated, watery eyes,  or difficulty breathing? Perhaps unexplained headaches, anxiety or your heart racing? Have you broken out in hives, after eating certain meals, or been left with unbearable digestive […]

Superfood Low Histamine Smoothie Recipe

low histamine smoothie

The best green smoothie to kickstart your morning Looking for a low histamine smoothie to kickstart your morning routine? Having trouble packing in those morning greens? If you’re histamine intolerant and aiming for a vibrant burst of breakfast nutrients, I’ve got a great low histamine smoothie recipe for you. In fact, this recipe is much more than just […]

Histamine and Stress: Why Stress is Toxic for Your Symptoms

Histamine and stress

There is a close relationship between histamine and stress. In fact, the levels of stress and histamine release ​impact one-another dramatically. And – your brain may be influencing everything from your sleep to your symptoms. Especially if it’s severe, as in the case of panic attacks, anxiety and depression. So, whether it’s common daily stress or extreme stress – […]

Paleo vs Atkins vs Ketogenic Diet

Paleo, Atkins, Ketogenic… what the heck is the difference!? The Paleo diet, Atkins diet and ketogenic diet have a lot of overlap – in fact, you can actually be on all three of these diets at once.This overlap makes the three diets very easy to confuse and, it can make your decision on which diet is […]

Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle Hack

Have you heard the information on inflammation?For a while now, the health community has been buzzing with info and products based around the importance of living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.But, how relevant is inflammation to your health, and how exactly is it impacting your biology?Today I’m going to explain exactly how this works and, I’ll give […]

How Much Dietary Fiber Should You Eat Daily?

Who is your best friend?Mine is fiber.You may laugh at this idea, but realistically, fiber is actually the best friend that our gut bacteria can have. And, considering we have over 100 trillion bacteria inhabiting our intestines, fiber is actually a better friend than you may think.So today I’d like to give you guys a […]

How To Increase Positive Thinking

You know those people who just seem to be so darn happy all the time?Like, no matter what life throws at them, or how boring and average the day is, they always seem to be smiling while you’re busy complaining about how Whole Foods ran out of your favourite gluten free bread. Don’t worry, as always, […]

Gut Health: Why It’s So Important

I’m sure you guys have been hearing the term ‘gut health’ thrown around a lot lately, as gut health is starting to gain some pretty big buzz in the health world.But, as a scientist, I can firmly say that all of the pro-press surrounding gut health is definitely well deserved. Today, I’m going to explain to […]

Are you ALWAYS HUNGRY? I Know Why!

Are you ALWAYS HUNGRY? Do you feel like even after a meal, you don’t seem to feel any different than when you started? Does this create problems for regulating your food intake? Don’t worry, you’ve got a scientist on your side and today I’ve got you covered. What Makes You Feel Hungry? There are a […]

Healthiest Diet EVER? 5 Tips For Your Healthiest Diet

Have you ever noticed that there’s a million different healthy diet plans, that all claim they are the best one? Have you ever felt confused by this, and wondered what is actually the healthiest diet out there? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Today I’m going to be discussing universal guidelines for the healthiest diet […]

How To Get Rid of Bloating: Scientific Evidence

Are you bloated? Are you tired of dealing with a stretched out belly that seems to be larger than life? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Today I want to talk about bloating and a way that’s shown in studies to actually fix a root cause. Bloating sucks, universally. Although bloating more commonly experienced by […]


Today we are talking about FALSE ADVERTISING in NUTRITION. I’m talking false advertising in the food industry, false advertising in commercials, false advertising in the news, and any other type of false advertising that’s DAMAGING. YOUR. HEALTH. I’m sure, as someone who cares about your health, you’ve fallen victim to the ‘consumer confusion’ where one […]

What Causes Histamine Intolerance?

what causes histamine intolerance

If you’ve been suffering from histamine intolerance, and reacting to foods with outbreaks of symptoms such as hives, skin rashes and digestive symptoms, you’re probably wondering how you got here and what causes histamine intolerance in the first place. Addressing the topic of what causes histamine intolerance is a big one, so I’m going to make […]

Histamine Intolerance Symptoms

histamine intolerance symptoms

How do you know if you’re experiencing histamine intolerance symptoms? Histamine intolerance is becoming increasingly identified as an underlying cause of numerous strange, allergy-like symptoms, that often appear without any history of such issues. And, as histamine intolerance symptoms can be body-wide, it can become pretty difficult to pinpoint this rare, multi-faceted disorder. Histamine is best known as […]

Is a Low-fat Diet Behind Your Bloating?

Have you ever been on a low-fat, or calorie-restricted diet to achieve weight loss? Do you feel severely bloated or uncomfortable after eating difficult to digest meals, such as those containing high levels of fats? Most people, especially women, will answer yes to the first – however, if you answered ‘yes’ to both, I’m going […]

Top 5 Anti-Bloat Diets

Do you get bloated or experience digestive symptoms following meals? Do your symptoms seem to appear randomly, with no consistent indication of what foods you’re reacting to? Well, you’re in luck – because I may have your answer. When Friendly Food Becomes Your Foe Bloating can often be a case of consuming foods that you […]

5 Steps To Solve Your Bloating For Good

Are you tired of bloating on the daily? Let’s chat about how to fix that. When Digestive Health Becomes a Problem Most people experience bloating and digestive symptoms from time to time, especially following a night out on the town or a cheat day eating foods from the naughty list. Commonly, people will assume poor […]

5 Reasons Behind Your Bloated Belly

Does Your Bloated Belly Make You Appear Larger Than Life? Are you chronically bloated? Do you have a tummy bump that makes you appear larger than you actually are, and hides all of your dietary and exercise efforts? Are you sick and tired of your uncomfortable belly determining your wardrobe and standing in the way […]

3 Ingredient Banana Split Ice Cream

Hey everyone! With summer just around the corner I thought it was the perfect time to come out with a whole-food-based ice cream recipe for those scorching days ahead (especially for cooling off after a sweaty workout session)! Normally I’m not an ice cream kind of girl, but lately I’ve been spending some time in […]

Why Low Carb Diets Produce Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why low-carb diets are so effective? Are you always trying to follow this dietary trend, but are afraid of substitutions or don’t know where to start? Well I’m here to clear up all of your questions! Today I’m going to explain to you the science behind the benefits of a low-carb […]

A Hangover Cure That Really Works!

​Do you experience hangovers? Then boy do we need to talk! Last week, I sent an email to some of my followers giving them an insider tip on how to cure a hangover. Much to my delight, I received several responses from people who had tried it and had it work to either ease or entirely […]

Meal Prep Like A Pro

Are you notorious for having the same, perfectly portioned, set lunch for work that you’ve meticulously packed for the whole week ahead? If you’re a meal prep junkie, you’re likely making a few common mistakes that could seriously be damaging the nutritional content of your food, and I’m going to tell you how to fix […]

The Surprising Reason Behind Your Food Coma

Have you ever wondered why you get exhausted after having a big meal? Do you find yourself needing to nap after a Sunday binge, or going into frequent food-comas? Although this post-meal exhaustion frequents modern society, it’s actually your body’s way of telling you something big – something that definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Inflammation: The […]

Grain Free, Sugar Free Chocolate Pancakes

My favourite meal of the day: dessert! Ok, so I guess some could argue that dessert isn’t really a “meal”, however those of you who share a love for dessert so great you’d be happy to eat a plate of chocolate for dinner, well I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And I’m sure […]

Sugar Free, Grain Free, Breakfast Apple Pie

I was planning on waiting to post this, but I kept on getting inbox messages and honestly am so excited about it that I had to drop everything to bring you the recipe for a breakfast pie that’s so delicious it will change your life! (And possibly digestive health)…. Recently, I wrote a post on […]

Broccoli Bread Recipe

I’ve noticed the term ‘super food’ is thrown around much too easily. The fact that there is no clinical definition of a super food allows a lot of misleading marketing using scientific jargon to confuse people into developing misconceptions. One example that may disappoint many of you is the use of acai berry for weight […]

Food Sensitivities Got Your Social Life In Shambles?

histamine intolerance food list

This hidden compound in food could be causing it ALL! Get the FREE Food List Do you experience reactions to foods, even though you seem to be eating a healthy, natural diet? Do you have symptoms like digestive distress, skin rashes, headaches or other allergy-like symptoms? Well, today, I’ll tell you about a little-known-compound that may be […]

Food Sensitivities Got Your Social Life In Shambles?

histamine intolerance food list

This hidden compound in food could be causing it ALL! Get the FREE Food List Do you experience reactions to foods, even though you seem to be eating a healthy, natural diet? Do you have symptoms like digestive distress, skin rashes, headaches or other allergy-like symptoms? Well, today, I’ll tell you about a little-known-compound that may be […]

Mediterranean Tabbouleh Salad Recipe

After posting a picture of my refreshing Mediterranean tabbouleh salad a few weeks back, I started getting loads of messages asking me for the recipe. So here it is!     I’m here to introduce you to a delicious Mediterranean salad called tabbouleh (pronounced ta-boo-lee), which uses parsley as a base. This salad is so flavorful, […]

IBS Isn’t Real

I carry a special place in my heart for those suffering from IBS. The reason for this is because I was diagnosed with it over and over again. The issue I have with the diagnosis? IBS isn’t a real thing. Now, let me be perfectly clear: the symptoms experienced by IBS sufferers are incredibly real, […]