3 Tips to Beat Bloating and Digestive Distress from Published Nutritional Scientist, Anita Tee

1. Beat Bloating with Beetroot

Beetroot provides one of the richest sources of betaine, a compound which enhances digestion by stimulating the release of bile, a powerful digestive fluid 1,2. Juicing your beets is the best method to maximize both therapeutic effects and digestive tolerance.

2. Digestive Enzymes are the Key to Calming Bloating

When it comes to my clients’ bloating and digestive symptoms, i always start at the base. It’s simple: if you’re not properly breaking your food down, you’re going to feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Supplementing with a digestive enzyme enhances this breakdown process to ease bloating and digestive symptoms while maximizing nutrient absorption 3-5.

3. Include a minimum of 10g fat with every meal.

Increasing fat consumption to ease bloating may seem counterintuitive, but fat is essential for signalling the gallbladder to contract and eject bile. A meal lacking fat doesn’t send this signal, and you lose a lot of digestive power.

Including a minimum of 10g fat with each meal has shown to maximize bile release and improve the breakdown and absorption of your foods to quickly ease bloating 6,7.

Bloating and Digestive Health Specialist, Anita Tee, says that many of her clients’ bloating issues can be eased with these 3 simple modifications.

"While studying my Master of Science in Nutrition I began to discover the importance of supporting the digestive system from a base level - through the nutrients we consume” explains Anita.

After using her research to solve her own chronic bloating issues, Anita then set out on a mission to do the same for others, and that’s when her company, Fact vs. Fitness was born.

"Your entire body relies on nutrients to function, and those come through the digestive system. If you’re experiencing chronic bloating and digestive symptoms, this is a major warning sign and, if ignored, can become progressively worse”

The number one thing Anita recommends to all her bloated clients is to take a potent, broad spectrum digestive enzyme called Similase by Integrative Therapeutics.

"​I tried a lot of digestive enzymes with little to no results, and by far the most effective one - and the only one i recommend to my clients - is Similase"

A​nita explains that the reason she chooses this particular enzyme is because “So many enzymes contain artificial fillers and additives, without even containing the active ingredients they claim, or containing them in a synthetic form that’s not properly used by the body. Similase is a vegan, hypoallergenic capsule, free of all additives and has provided my clients with dramatically better results than any other enzyme on the market

Bloating Consultation with Digestive Health Expert

"I’m all about results” says Anita, and according to feedback from her clients “Similase has become known in my practice as “the miracle enzyme”, because it’s provided fast and effective symptom relief to so many bloated clients when nothing else would!"​*

*results may vary from person to person​

Similase contains a potent blend of 14 enzymes to enhance breakdown of all combinations of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and allowing the enzyme to improve digestion no matter what your daily diet looks like.

"Before you start spending your time and money on particular therapies that will only be effective for some, start at the base and you can’t go wrong. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far the right digestive enzyme will get you."

"As a nutritionist with a previous history of bloating, Similase is the one supplement I keep in my cupboard and continue to take every single day."​

You Will Be Amazed At What A Difference This Could Make!

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What People Are Saying About Similase...

This has saved my life. I was using other enzyme products before and I thought they were good but this is by far the best.  For 5 years I had trouble digesting my food until I learned about enzymes and how powerful they can be. I've tried several brands and can honestly say Similase is by far the best product. If you suffer from bloating, stomach upset after eating and lack of energy you deserve to give this a try!*
- Elverson

I’ve been having digestive issues since 2009. I even saw a GI doctor about it and had an endoscopy done, but all it revealed was mild gastritis and no over the counter or prescription meds ever helped. That is until I found these. My friend had some and I took them when I became bloated after dinner, and I felt better within 20 minutes. I couldn't believe it! I started taking them before every meal, and it prevented my digestion issues every time. I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from digestive issues and painful bloating, these were a miracle for me! I feel "cured," all I needed was some enzymes all along, I wish my doctor could have figured this out years ago. Highly recommended. I will buy these forever.*
- Kimberly

I've had chronic and extreme bloating for years - it's like I'm having triplets after every meal. Everything I've I tried before gave me minimal relief at best, until I found Similase!! It's the ONLY thing that has helped and actually did it fast. I just wish I had tried this earlier, I feel like I have gotten my social life back (and half my wardrobe!). It's honestly been nothing short of a miracle for me!!*
- Emily

Just started but it seems to be a good product so far. Much less bloating and gas - approx 60percent less within the first couple days. What a relief, excited to see the progress!*
- Sandra

*results may vary from person to person

About Anita Tee

Anita Tee is a highly qualified and published nutritional scientist, carrying a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, specializing in Genetic & Molecular Biology. She is highly respected in the scientific community, and has been published by the British Association of Nutritional Therapists for her research on the effects of hormones and gut bacteria on digestive disorders. Check out more of Anita at www.factvsfitness.com


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