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Are you constantly BLOATED?
Do you experience DIGESTIVE SYMPTOMS on a regular basis?
Are you sick and tired of letting your symptoms make you feel embarrassed, frustrated and overwhelmed?​

We can help.

Get digestive help from a published nutritional scientist.
A simple 5 step approach.

Anita Tee, MSc

MSc Personalized Nutrition
BSc Genetic & Molecular Biology

60 Minute Skype Consultations with Anita.....

Reduce bloating & digestive issues*
No more feeling nervous and embarrassed
Be free from living a life controlled by digestive issues
Enhance your overall digestive health
Discover the secrets to staying healthy and happy

*results may vary from person to person




Anita is incredible! I was in so much pain, physically and mentally because of my bloating. I was desperate. With her help I now live a full life without having to worry about my next meal or what to wear. It's all gone! Thank you so much!*

Are You Tired of Bloating Running Your Life?

1 in 5 people worldwide experience bloating and digestive distress on a daily basis. The sudden appearance of these symptoms can feel confusing, stressful and embarrassing.

Furthermore, trips to your doctor can leave you with an ambiguous diagnosis such as “IBS”, which doesn’t really pinpoint a cause or give you any answers on how to fix it.

Due to this, you are left feeling like you have an unpredictable, life-long and hopeless condition.

I know how you feel, because I’ve experienced this personally.

I spent two years of my life bloated 24/7. I was constantly uncomfortable. I was exhausted all the time, no matter how much sleep I got. My moods and weight were an uncontrollable roller coaster, and I couldn’t think clearly in between the brain fog and fatigue. I experienced these reactions after nearly every meal, making it impossible to pinpoint what was triggering these reactions, or why they had even started in the first place!

The craziest thing about it, is that nobody seemed to be able to diagnose my issues, or even take them very seriously. The more people I talked to, the more I realized how common bloating and digestive issues were, and how many people were suffering in silence.

I know that you are here because you have felt this too.

The good news? I’ve found the solution.

I Beat Bloating, In 5 Steps!

As a scientist who was personally experiencing these issues, I took it upon myself find the most comprehensive and effective therapies available to eliminate bloating and digestive symptoms.

Through years of scientific research, I developed a personalized, 5-step approach to reduce bloating and digestive distress*, and hello to happiness and carefree living!

This approach not only relieved my symptoms quickly, but actually healed my digestive system and allowed me to eat all of the foods that I thought I could never eat again, without any of the unwanted consequences.

This worked for me, and it could for you too.*

​*results may vary from person to person

During your consultation, I will personalize the therapy to address your symptoms so that you no longer have to feel alone in your struggle.

The 5 steps of your therapy are designed to comprehensively repair your digestion from the ground up. No band-aids, no temporary fixes, just pure, scientifically-backed digestive health interventions designed to solve your issues.

Imagine, living a life where you can enjoy restaurant dinners with family and friends, go for long, happy days out with no unexpected surprises. Imagine, removing the burden of digestive health issues, and never having this constant burden looming over your shoulders. Imagine, being free.

Whether you’re experiencing bloating, IBS, or general digestive symptoms, there is plenty you can do about it.

It’s your job to want to get better. It’s my job to tell you how.

 Satu Jackson 

 British Association of Nutritional Therapists 


I have had the pleasure to witness Anita's sharp, research-oriented mind in action... Anita applies her extensive educational background in genetics and molecular biology, complimented by nutritional sciences, to further her research to interpret and apply nutritional evidence-based research into practical applications.

Valene Campbell

Managing Director
RevitaHealth Canada


I’m delighted to recommend Anita Tee as a notable and trustworthy professional of nutrition. She applies her years of experience to her work and also utilizes research and evidence based practices, free of biases and personal opinions. Anita Tee delivers facts, period. She is driven through her passion to provide readers with life-changing information.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late!!

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming their digestion will fix itself.

Your digestion is the soil from which your body grows on: it is responsible for absorbing all of the necessary nutrients required by every part of your body in order to function.

In other words, your digestion is the core of your health and happiness.

If you’re experiencing bloating or digestive symptoms, it’s clear that part of your system is broken. And when something is broken, it means you are not going to be delivering the correct nutrients to your body.

This can quickly cause other body systems to malfunction, and before you know it, your bloating and digestive symptoms can worsen, producing more extreme reactions to foods, more fatigue, and worse moods.

The longer you wait, the worse your symptoms can become, and the more difficult it will be to regain health.

Believe it or not, if left alone, digestive issues have even been associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and various cancers, just to name a few. Imagine having to deal with such problems in addition to your digestive symptoms!

Book now, while you still have the opportunity to regain your health and reclaim your life!
Don’t let your health and happiness slip away.

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*Note: only available for purchase as a follow up to Health Essentials Consultation Package

Dr. Steven Lin


I had the pleasure of working with Anita… She was very professional in her approach in that her process was completely science backed and points referenced with quality research papers.