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Are You Tired of Histamine Intolerance Running Your Life?

Approximately 1% of people worldwide suffer from histamine intolerance, with the vast majority being women.

Unfortunately, this under-recognized disorder is often met with a complete lack of recognition by medical professionals, who are left baffled after allergy tests appear negative.

Histamine intolerance is not an allergy and, there is scientific evidence to back the disorder and understand the biological processes involved in creating your symptoms.

I know how hard it can be, because I personally lived it.

No matter how strictly healthy I was, I still suffered from symptoms. Dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, whatever, the symptoms were still there!

And then, I discovered, my problem wasn’t that I needed to simply eat naturally, it was an intolerance to histamine.


I Beat Histamine Intolerance

As a scientist who was personally experiencing these issues, I took it upon myself find the most comprehensive and effective therapies available to solve my histamine intolerance.

In my long, expensive and brutal journey, I learned a lot. I applied all of the histamine intolerance therapies I discovered and created to myself and, sure enough, I eventually was able to do what no doctor or alternative practitioner could do for me: solve my histamine intolerance.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to spread the word of histamine intolerance and to use my scientific expertise to further research the disorder and make these therapies more available to the public.

Want the full story of how I solved my histamine intolerance? Click here to read my journey.

In fact, I packaged things up into a course of everything I’ve learned to make getting help easy for you.

Before booking a consultation, I recommend my client to watch the webinar course I’ve created which details How I Solved My Histamine Intolerance and numerous therapies you can try if you’re beginning your journey. Click here to watch a preview of the webinar.

If you’ve tried numerous approaches you can and are still hitting dead ends, then it’s time to get expert, personalized help via a consultation.

Life’s too short to let symptoms control you.

Your histamine intolerance expert,


I am doing WAY better because of you already… It has only been two months... At its worst I couldn’t sleep, I had permanent itchiness and red marks all over my body, my skin has really started to clear and a lot of the eczema has dissipated.
Marie P.
Marie P.
Former histamine intolerance sufferer
Thank you again!!! I have tried many naturalists and Drs., enough to be frustrated, but your website has helped me the most so far and the protocol is bringing me back to “normal” life!
Elena A.
Elena A.
Former histamine intolerance sufferer


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  • I am so thankful to have found your website...Before I found you, I’d been pulling together an arsenal of supplements to formulate a personal protocol for treating this condition. I started having seemingly random food allergies 20 years ago and one-by-one I’ve had to eliminate foods that I love. Turns out these allergies are anything but random!
    Daria R.
    Daria R.
    Former histamine intolerance sufferer
    Thank you, thank you, thank you… I have been struggling with histamine intolerance for many years. I have done reading galore and have done as much research as a human can do and yours is the first real help that I have come across and am using. You are my guru.
    Michelle T.
    Michelle T.
    Former histamine intolerance sufferer
    Professional Profile
    Anita Tee, MSc
    MSc Personalized Nutrition BSc Genetic & Molecular Biology

    Anita Tee is a highly qualified and published nutritional scientist, carrying a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, specializing in Genetic & Molecular Biology. She is highly respected in the scientific community, and has been published by the British Association of Nutritional Therapists for her research on the effects of hormones and gut bacteria on digestive disorders and weight loss. Anita is also a Personal Training Specialist as certified by the Canadian Register of Exercise and Fitness Professionals.

    Anita specializes in the areas of Bloating and Digestive Issues, for which her clientele often has been told by doctors, will be chronic, life-long, or unable to diagnose. Through dietary support, lifestyle alterations and the use of high-quality nutritional supplements, Anita has successfully eliminated or alleviated bloating and digestive discomfort experienced by her clients.

    In addition to her ongoing research, Anita currently carries memberships with several organizations including the Royal Society of Medicine and the Institute of Functional Medicine, for which she regularly attends conferences and webinars to ensure she is providing you with the most objective and critically analyzed evidence from both mainstream and functional health care perspectives.

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