5 Steps to Solving Histamine Intolerance



No more managing and worrying about daily diet

- No more fear of eating out and attending social events

- Scientific solutions despite a lack of recognition from medical professionals

Learn The 5-stage Approach 

I used to solve my histamine intolerance for good

Each stage includes:

What you get:

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Common Causes

testing options

dietary changes

lifestyle alterations


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The information in this webinar is equivalent to up to 12 months of consultations with a histamine intolerance specialist like myself.

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15 MIN FREE EMAIL SUPPORT - personally ask me any question you have about histamine intolerance


FAQ LIBRARYwith answers to common questions from over 400 histamine intolerance sufferers



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What others have to say

“Thank you so much for your clear and knowledgeable guidelines”
- Carolyn, United Kingdom

“Thank you so much for sharing all the info you've learned. Such an amazing journey to see how far you have come from being bed-ridden, and now you can eat most anything. I am a healthcare professional (clinical pharmacist) and am so embarrassed by western medicine--and how so many patients have been turned away by their doctors.”
- Agnes C., United States

“This has been a great help for my symptoms. Thank you.”
- Liz C., Ireland

“Hello Anita! I wanted to say a massive thank you for that mega webinar. It was really packed with useful information and very practical too. I am also grateful for you being so vulnerable and explaining what triggered your histamine intolerance and what you have done to address.”
- Michelle H., United States


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