Food Sensitivities Got Your Social Life in Shambles?

How To Reduce Allergies & Digestive Symptoms in Just A Few Weeks.

Do you experience skin rashes, digestive symptoms, fatigue, headaches, or other allergy-like symptoms in response to foods?

Have you gotten to the point where you’re terrified of attending social events due to these food sensitivities?

Are your symptoms impacting your daily life, and even making you feel socially isolated?

Finding Your Food Sensitivities

Reactions to foods can be common, however when you’ve already tried multiple elimination diets but still experience symptoms, how can you pinpoint exactly what it is you’re reacting to?

Well, today I’d like to tell you about a little-known compound called histamine that’s present in many different foods and can be responsible for all of these symptoms.

Due to the broad range of symptoms it causes, histamine intolerance is extremely difficult to diagnose, but is actually shockingly common amongst particular groups of people. In fact:

58% of people with digestive issues react to histamine.

What Causes Histamine Intolerance?

Histamine is a compound released in response to inflammatory reactions - think anti-histamines taken for allergies.

Typically, the amount of histamine released is proportionate to the amount of histamine degraded by enzymes in your body, and overall histamine levels stay balanced.

However, with histamine intolerance, the amount of histamine released is disproportionate to the amount of histamine that is degraded. This results in levels of histamine that are much too high within the body, and can impact every body system.

This is why histamine intolerance can manifest as such a wide array of symptoms including skin rashes, digestive symptoms, fatigue, headaches, respiratory issues, allergy-like symptoms and more. These symptoms can occur individually or in any combination.​

Improve Your Symptoms In Just A Few Weeks*

Now that you have all of this information, I’m sure histamine intolerance may seem like a big and scary thing to tackle. But there is a very bright side.

Although actual elimination of histamine intolerance can be a longer road (I’ll get to this in detail later), the good news is that the symptoms can be controlled quickly and effectively* by simply reducing the histamine load in your body.

*results may vary from person to person​

Reducing your internal histamine load may sound complex - but it’s NOT!

This intervention simply requires eliminating high histamine foods from your daily meals.

In fact, the only confusing part of this dietary approach is that high histamine foods do not take the form of any easily identifiable food groups. They are seemingly random and include foods like spinach, chocolate and certain food additives.

To curb any confusion, I’ve created a free downloadable PDF with clear-cut instructions on exactly what you can and cannot eat.

This dietary approach is fast, easy and free, and only takes a few weeks to drastically reduce your symptoms.*