Kyo-Dophilus 9 – 90 Caps



Kyo-Dophilus 9 90 caps

Probiotic Supplement

Supplemental facts:
Serving size: 1 capsule.
Servings per container: 90

Serving size 1 capsule:
Proprietary Blend 3.0 billion cells
L. acidophilus KS-13
L. rhamnosus LCS742
L. gasseri LAC343
B. bifidum G9-1
B. longum MM2
B. longum BB536
B. infantis M-63
B. breve M16V
B. lactis Bi-07

Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, potato starch, corn starch, and silica.

Suggested Use:
Take one capsule for adults (1/2 capsule for children under four) with a meal twice daily. For infants, sprinkle 1/2 capsule in food or juice.

Store in a cool, dry place with cap tight. Refrigeration not required.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Tamper resistant cap and seal. Do not use if drop ring or printed inner seal is broken or missing.

Free of preservatives, sugar, sodium, milk, yeast, gluten, artificial colors and flavors.

Promotes Healthy Intestinal Function*

Kyo-Dophilus 9 is formulated with three lactobacilli strains and six Bifidobacterium strains. This unique blend of nine probiotics contains specially cultured human strains of friendly bacteria that are carefully processed to retain viability at room temperature, insuring an adequate number of cells for implantation in the intestine.
Kyo-Dophilus 9 helps maintain a balanced intestinal flora and promote healthy intestinal function.*
Take Kyo-Dophilus 9 daily!

*These statements has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

3.0 billion live cells per capsule.
A blend of nine probiotics.


Dietary Considerations:
Dairy/ Milk Free
Yeast Free
Preservative Free
Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
Sodium Free

Delivery Formats:
Capsules (non-veg or unspecified)

Intended Users:
Not specified