Total Gut Health Program – Heal Your Gut and Digestion


The 5-step program to healing your gut.

  • Minimize digestive symptoms
  • Reduce food sensitivities
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Heal leaky gut

If you’ve experienced issues related to gut health including IBS, food sensitivities, leaky gut, inflammatory disorders, skin problems, mood imbalances or any type of chronic digestive symptoms or gut-related issues, this course is for you!

With 100% positive feedback from over 400 sufferers of chronic symptoms surveyed, this course is packed with unique info for using all-natural therapies to improve health that are 100% scientifically backed!

Total Gut Health is a course created by Anita Tee, published nutritional scientist and Gut Health Specialist carrying a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology.

Anita herself suffered from a chronic digestive disorder with related symptoms such as skin problems, mood imbalances, extreme fatigue and more. Despite seeking help from conventional medicine, Anita was unable to heal these issues and so began conducting her own research during her Master of Science degree.

During her research, Anita quickly discovered that the gut is the epicentre of health – it is the soil the body grows on, as it is responsible for taking in all of the nutrients required for every single system of the body to function properly.

Using a gut-focussed, anti-inflammatory approach, Anita was able to use her own research to achieve what no practitioner could: heal ALL of her symptoms.

Since then, Anita has used her approach successfully with her clients, with many reporting her approach to improve their chronic symptoms after years – even DECADES of illness when no one else could.

In this course, Anita presents a 5-stage approach to gut healing, with each stage detailing:

1. Common causes and contributors to underlying symptoms

2. Testing options for identifying these causes

3. Dietary and Lifestyle interventions that are 100% BACKED BY SCIENCE

4. ALL-NATURAL supplement options

Additionally, the course includes several bonus sections including guidance on selecting supplements and resources for everything from recipes to research.

This course is by no means intended for light learning. It will get down and deep into the nitty-gritty details so that you’ll come out with an education beyond even that of what most nutritionist certifications offer. This is by far the most comprehensive gut health course available.

Be ready to learn unique info you’ve never heard before. Be ready to get all of the details for healing your gut – with nothing left out. Be ready to start getting healthy with therapies that actually work.

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