Vitamin C with Flavonoids 180 caps

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Vitamin C cannot be synthesized by humans and is therefore an essential nutrient that must be consumed in the diet. Among its numerous health-promoting properties, vitamin C is an essential vitamin that supports the immune system and is also a potent antioxidant. When the body is under a significant amount of stress, vitamin C is excreted rapidly. Vitamin C has many immune boosting properties, but is distinctively beneficial for individuals with seasonal discomfort because of its ability to deactivate histamine.

Vitamin C with flavonoids optimizes the beneficial effects of vitamin C – including support of immune function – by replicating the way it’s found in nature.* Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a key antioxidant, helping protect cells throughout the body from free radical damage.* It plays an integral role in the production of cellular energy, and is essential for the proper metabolism of carbohydrates and the synthesis of fats and proteins.*

Thorne’s Vitamin C with Flavonoids contains ascorbic acid and citrus flavonoids. The flavonoids are a mixture of naturally-occurring flavonoids, including rutin, hesperidin, and quercetin. And there is no corn starch contained in this supplement. Although ascorbic acid will work in the body without flavonoids, it works better when accompanied by flavonoid molecules, because the bioflavonoids spare vitamin C, thus providing greater antioxidant capacity.*

As we know, the systems vitamin C provides specific support to are detrimental in cases of histamine intolerance and are known to either cause or contribute to symptoms experienced by histamine intolerant individuals. This knowledge therefore makes vitamin C a strong supporting nutrient in the case of histamine intolerance.

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule one to three times daily or as recommended by your health-care practitioner.

Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place.


Serving size: 1 capsule

Servings per container: 180

 Amount per serving:

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid)

500 mg

Citrus Bioflavonoids

75 mg


Other ingredients:

Hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule, Silicon Dioxide

 Dietary considerations:

  • Gluten Free
  • Contains no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy products, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or ingredients of animal origin.
  • Suitable for vegans/vegetarians


Download the histamine intolerance food list

Included within the Low Histamine Diet guide