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Anita Tee, Msc

Published Scientist As Featured In

Janine D.

Histamine intolerance sufferer of 17 years

I suffered from histamine intolerance for years, with almost a complete lack of recognition from medical professionals... After finding Anita's approach, I can finally eat without fearing my symptoms, and stop worrying about managing my diet or eating at restaurants. Finally, I'm free!

Anita Tee, Histamine Intolerance Expert

MSc Personalized Nutrition
BSc Genetic & Molecular Biology

Are you tired of histamine intolerance controlling your life?

Histamine intolerance symptoms are incredibly frustrating. I know this, because I personally experienced it.

Eating seemingly "healthy" foods and breaking out into a bout of unexpected hives, skipping work events and social gatherings due to my fear of symptoms, and constantly having to manage and worry about my diet.

On top of this, I visited numerous doctors and was met with a major lack of recognition by the medical profession.

I had only one option: use my scientific expertise to embark upon my own research journey, in hopes of solving my histamine intolerance.

Eventually, I put together enough evidence-based research to actually come up with a 5-stage solution for solving my histamine intolerance.

And, you know what....? It worked! 

I personally solved my histamine intolerance, and am now able to eat whatever I want (staying generally healthy, of course!), travel wherever I want, and live without fear. 

Let me show you How I Solved My Histamine intolerance!

Maude B.

Histamine intolerance sufferer of 4 years

I feel like I've gotten my life back. Using Anita's approach my symptoms are better than ever, I can eat more foods with less symptoms and worry less, every day. I can play with my children, cook dinner for the family, and enjoy occasional dining out with my husband again!!

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