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Tired Of Digestive Stress?

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Anita Tee, Msc

Published Scientist As Featured In

 Satu Jackson 

 British Association of Nutritional Therapists 


I have had the pleasure to witness Anita's sharp, research-oriented mind in action... Anita applies her extensive educational background in genetics and molecular biology, complimented by nutritional sciences, to further her research to interpret and apply nutritional evidence-based research into practical applications.

Anita Tee, MSc

MSc Personalized Nutrition
BSc Genetic & Molecular Biology

Are you tired of digestive symptoms running your life?

Digestive symptoms are universally frustrating, and with 1 in 5 people worldwide experiencing digestive distress on a regular basis, it’s becoming a huge undiscussed problem.

​With ambiguous diagnoses such as “IBS” that don’t give you any real clue as to why your symptoms are happening, digestive disorders can quickly become a source of chronic stress and confusion.

​I know exactly how this feels, because I’ve experienced this personally. I spent over 2 years of my life chronically bloated, extremely fatigued, and sensitive to all foods from eggs to eggplant.

Using 100% scientific research, I was able to overcome chronic digestive issues.​

​The best part? I can show you exactly how to improve your digestive issues, too!

Improve your gut health in 5 steps

Through years of scientific research, I’ve developed a 5-step approach to reduce digestive distress and strange symptoms!

This 5-step program can not only relieve symptoms quickly*, but is specifically designed to comprehensively repair your digestion from the ground up. No band-aids, no temporary fixes, just pure, scientifically-backed digestive health interventions designed to solve your issues. Imagine, living a life where you can once again enjoy restaurant dinners with family and friends without worry.​

*results may vary from person to person.​

Imagine, being able to go for long days out without having to even think about nasty symptoms. Thanks to the 5-step program, I’m finally free from these burdens. I hope you decide to join me in being free, too!

Want to find the perfect diet for YOUR symptoms?

Dr. Steven Lin


I had the pleasure of working with Anita… She was very professional in her approach in that her process was completely science backed and points referenced with quality research papers.

Want to find the perfect diet for YOUR symptoms?